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[High-strength fiber wire strong as a rock]
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High-strength fiber wire strong as a rock, invincible!

Chemical Fiber Material Co., Ltd. Changzhou Yun was founded in 2009, covers an area of 6000m², companies adhering to a number of polypropylene fiber production in 20 years of professional and technical personnel, self innovation and improvement, the use of more advanced high-strength fiber length silk spinning industry led joint machine, and an annual output of 2,500 tons of high-strength filament yarn TWISTED. High-strength high-strength polypropylene fiber, and is familiar to everyone, then, high-strength polypropylene fiber strength so high, which is suitable for the production of products it?

High-strength polypropylene fiber suitable for safety nets, safety belts, safety rope, industrial tape, industrial fabrics, ropes, container bags, crack engineering fiber, high-pressure fire hose, conveyor belts, industrial sewing thread, cracking polypropylene fiber, etc. production, coupled with its wide range of sources, low production costs. Is an alternative to polyester, nylon, acetate, nylon ideal new fiber material.

Chemical Fiber Material Co., Ltd. Changzhou Yun focus on the production of high strength polypropylene yarn, product quality and the quality and quantity and, if interested, please contact us Oh!

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