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[A small figure also has a large energy]
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High-strength fiber wire - a small figure also has a large energy

Changzhou Chemical Fiber Materials Co. shipped 300-5000D high-strength fiber wire, can be used to create a safety net, seat belts, safety rope, industrial tape, industrial fabrics, ropes, container bags, crack engineering fiber, high-pressure fire hose , conveyor belts, industrial sewing thread, cracking polypropylene fiber and other products.

High-strength polypropylene fiber itself, although slim, but its strength is strong, and light weight, shrinking small uniform, fire retardant, anti-aging, low thermal conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance to sea water, little color, color fastness, and intensity Advanced features.

Its production of safety rope, though they are small objects, but its own power is very strong, very strong and durable. Chemical Fiber Material Co., Ltd. Changzhou Yun specializes in producing high-strength fiber wire for many years, you can trust!

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