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[2017 China Textile Economic Development Forum]
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Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. This is a new historical position for our country's development and a new historical position for the restructuring and development of the industry. Standing on a new historical starting point, the textile industry urgently needs to take the development train of thought put forward by the 19th National Congress as the key link to explore new ideas and new directions. As the pillar industry of China's national economy, the textile industry has been given what new historical mission?

Against this backdrop, the 2017 China Textile Economic Development Summit Forum on the theme of "a new era, a new mission and a new undertaking" was successfully held in Nantong, Jiangsu. The Forum set a number of key issues for the development of the industry. Combining with the current macroeconomic development trends and the latest changes in the development environment both at home and abroad, the forum provided a valuable wisdom feast for the development of the industry and for the textile industry. The company is located in:

China Federation of Textile Industry Party Secretary and Secretary-General Gao Yong, vice minister of Ministry of Industry and Consumer Goods Industry Cao Xuejun, China Textile Machinery Association Wang Shitian, deputy director of China National Economic Monitoring Center Pan Jiancheng, National Development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Center Executive Director, Jing Zhaoyang, Director of Institute of Regional Cooperation and Opening, Xu Hong, Editor-in-Chief of China Textile Magazine, Han Ping, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Textile Industry Association, Zhancheng Qin, Executive President of Nantong Textile Industry Association, Vice President and Secretary Chang Jinxin, professor of economics at Fudan University Kong Aiguo, chairman of Shandong Dai Yin Group Zhaohuan Chen, Chairman of Wuxi Yimin Textile Group Zhou Yejun, chairman of Shandong Huaxing Textile Group Hu Guangmin, director of Non-woven Engineering Department of Textile Institute of Donghua University Jin Xiangyu, Wang Gaogang, Chief Editor of China Yarn Net, President of Nantong Jinluogongdao Industry Management Co., Ltd., Huang Chunhui, Chairman of Jinlun Cardboard (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and Gong Wei, General Manager of Jinlun Carding (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. attended the present Second forum. The forum was chaired by Yang Jun, deputy secretary general of China National Textile and Apparel Council and executive vice president of China Textile Industry Management Association.

This forum is sponsored by China National Textile and Apparel Council and Jiangsu Textile Industry Association; sponsored by China Textile Industry Association and China Textile Industry Enterprise Management Association; Nantong Textile Industry Association, Nantong Textile Industry Association; High-end textile industry alliance support.

High-end speech

Gao Yong: steady fluctuations in the textile industry continued to improve

Gao Yong, party secretary and secretary general of China National Textile and Apparel Industry Federation, first introduced the general trend of the textile industry in 2017. He pointed out that "in 2017, the textile industry as a whole has shown a steady trend, opening high and opening lower and the commodity prices have reached a high point during the year With the soaring prices of bulk commodities and soaring prices of raw materials for textiles, output and price growth of end-use apparel and home-textile industries are few. However, it is gratifying that the prices of raw materials have been eased at the end of the year.

Gao Yong said: The textile economy as a whole is stable and fluctuates, especially since the beginning of this year, with the textile machinery going up year on year, reflecting the enthusiasm of the textile industry in technological upgrading and upgrading. He pointed out: "The thinking on socialism with Chinese characteristics set at the 19th National Congress in the new era is entirely correct. The textile industry, which has a very marketization level, has already entered a new era before the national economy is turning from rapid growth to high Value-added growth in the 2017 year-end, the 19 th National Cheng Kung University victory after the close of the China Textile Machinery Development Summit Forum to analyze the trend and forecast the development of the industry is necessary and timely, and hope that the General Assembly for the majority of textile enterprises Future development of clear thinking, to help enterprises better for the next step in the decision-making and transformation.

Han Ping: Jiangsu textile struggle to become the vanguard of transformation and development

Han Ping, vice chairman of Jiangsu Textile Industry Association, said that the 19th National Congress opened a new prelude to China's economic development and pointed out the next new goal and new task for China's textile industry. The textile industry in Jiangsu has achieved good results in scale and efficiency with growth, and the industry has maintained a good momentum of steady growth. From January to October this year, according to the statistics of 7602 textile enterprises above designated size in Jiangsu Province, the main business income was 1,269.1 billion yuan, an increase of 7.8% over the same period of last year; the total profit was 70.42 billion yuan, up 15.2% over the same period of last year; the export delivery value was 159.55 billion yuan, An increase of 3.1% over the same period of last year. However, it should be pointed out that Jiangsu Textile has also encountered some problems, such as technology, talent, brand, resources and other aspects. Han Ping pointed out that "Jiangsu Textile must have a sense of urgency and crisis and adhere to the guideline of taking scientific and technological innovation as the guide, market-oriented and intellectualized as the direction of development and striving to be the vanguard of the transformation and development of China's textile industry."

Huang Chunhui: help the global textile industry progress

Huang Chunhui, chairman of Jinlun Cardboard (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., said that the first China Textile Economic Development Summit was located at Nantong, a major event in the economic development of China's textile industry after the 19th Congress. Thirty years ago, Lu Han-sheng, the founder of Jinlun, made every effort to start a business. He chose the clothing business of this project. After more than a decade of hard work and passion, Jinlun started its great development. In the recent 20 years, Lu Ting, chairman of Jinlun Co., Ltd., always adhered to the principle of "excellence and pursuit of excellence" and led the rapid growth of Jinlun with cultural heritage and management innovation and realized the take-off one after another. In early 2014, JAL successfully landed in the capital market and became the only listed company in China's textile equipment industry. Jinlun insisted on the overall development strategy of "relying on B2B + to reorganize the industrial chain in the industrial field" and promoted the growth of in-growth and extension in an orderly manner. All kinds of innovative measures effectively promoted the Company's high-end products to continuously maintain an average annual volume of over 10% growth of.

Huang Chunhui pointed out that under the new era, Jinlun will make its own efforts on the following two aspects: First, focus on the textile e-commerce platform, the depth of the layout of the textile industry chain, horizontal open up, vertical penetration, and promote the transformation of the textile supply chain and optimize the ecology; Deepen the field of textile carding equipment, deepen the implementation of high performance model, strengthen the "four in one" R & D platform construction and output, strengthen global brand building, strengthen the level of production technology breakthrough, "doing fine and strong" carding equipment, In order to provide users with the best system combing solutions, conscientiously implement the "helping the global textile industry progress," the sacred mission!

Keynote Speech

Pan Jiancheng: A New Direction Under the New Era

Pan Jiancheng, deputy director of China Economic Monitoring Center under the National Bureau of Statistics, gave a keynote speech entitled "Analysis of the Situation of China's Economy and Reform in the New Era". He analyzed the economic situation in the 1-3 quarters of this year and made a prospective and forecast on the economy in 2018 and proposed the direction of economic reform and innovation and transformation in the new era. Judging from the growth rate, the key Q1-Q3 point in 2017 is "Expected Expectations." It is not easy to maintain the L shape. With regard to the 2018 economic outlook, he pointed out that the steady growth of consumption and technology-driven enhancement are the fundamental forces for maintaining the L-shaped trend. The real estate boom and the high growth of infrastructure are the reasons for exceeding the L-expected growth to exceed the expected growth. In 2017, The 6.9% over-expected growth in 3Q09 has laid a solid foundation for achieving the full-year target and provided greater room for reform. Pan Jiancheng also pointed out that the economic development in the new era should have high-quality growth, be more efficient, more fair and more sustainable, and should not pay attention to such features as speed, scale and increment. Enterprises should earnestly implement these concepts. The 13th Five-Year Plan is the last five years of building a well-off society in an all-round way and the objective of a two-phase project of building a comprehensive new course for the modernization of the socialist modern countries: no longer mention doubling the goal of the total or the average figure, and pay attention to the balance of development and coordination. It is necessary to maintain the force and need the participation of every nationality.

Cao Xuejun: Transformation and upgrading are the most important

Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Focus on the Situation and Transformation and Upgrading of the Textile Industry". She explained the situation facing the development of the textile industry, the key task of transformation and upgrading, and pointed out the major tasks. She pointed out that our country, as the world's largest textile power, has further consolidated its position as a quality-benefit-oriented economy, achieved initial success in structurally and economically developed industries, expanded space for the development of structurally-optimized industries, and made significant technological advances mainly based on machineries. While achieving these development results, the industry also faces some problems, such as the mismatch between the R & D and innovation capabilities and the development needs of the industry, the unsustainability of the industry toward high and mid-end and social development, the imprecise demands of quality brand building and consumption upgrading, the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection Ecological civilization requires a gap, so high-end, smart, green is the main direction of transformation and upgrading. Correspondingly, Cao Xuejun proposed to promote the industry's transformation and upgrading of the main work, one is to create an innovation-driven development of market environment, the second is the implementation of China's manufacturing 2025 five major projects, the third is to promote the depth integration of the Internet and manufacturing, the fourth is to increase the variety, Quality, create brand Mishina action, five is to deepen reform and improve resource allocation efficiency.

King Chaoyang: Foreign investment was diversified

Executive Director of the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission and Jing Chaoyang, director of the Institute for Regional Cooperation and Opening up, gave a keynote speech on "The Current Trend of China's Overseas Investment." He pointed out that the negative impact of globalization on global outward FDI has gradually emerged. The relative concentration of investment destinations, the concentration of investment in high value-added industries, the uncertainty of international investment policies, and the fact that China has become the most active country in outbound M & A in the world trend. In 2016, the direct investment of Chinese enterprises reached 183 billion U.S. dollars, up 44% over the same period of previous year, ranking the second largest investor in the world and the overseas investments concentrated in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. It needs to be emphasized that the countries along the Belt and Road are becoming a hot spot for investment. Foreign investment in private enterprises is becoming increasingly active. Cross-border M & As have become the main mode of investment. The outward investment in manufacturing industry has been growing strongly and moving toward the whole industrial chain. The trend of " . However, investment is also facing such problems as the gradual increase of the threshold for overseas investment access, the increasingly stringent investment regulation at home and abroad, and the low level of development of overseas industrial parks. Therefore, enterprises should grasp the industrial development trend when investing and take the initiative to participate in international competition and cooperation, Revolutionary opportunities, with the transfer to promote transformation and so on.

Zhao Huanchen: to create a multinational development model

Shandong Dai Silver Textile and Garment Group Zhao Huanchen as "internationalization of the exploration and practice of" theme report. He pointed out that under the circumstance of accelerating economic globalization, Dai Group has actively promoted its international layout. It has set up a clothing company in Sri Lanka, a trading company in the United States, a textile company in Malaysia and an effort to build Daiyin The cross-border e-commerce platform of the United States will optimize the allocation of all aspects of design, procurement, production and marketing on a global scale and gradually establish a development model for multinational enterprises and enhance their capacity for sustainable development. On the enterprise "going out" for international distribution, he made a few ponders: First, go steadily to ensure investment security; second, based on their own reality, to play a comparative advantage; third is to adapt to foreign conditions, the implementation of localized management; fourth is Foster an international team of qualified personnel; the fifth is the courage to overcome all kinds of difficulties.

Gong Wei: to lead the carding equipment revolution

Gong Wei, General Manager of Jinlun Cardboard (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the theme of "Promoting the Development of Textile Industry by Using Parts of Equipment". He pointed out that as the sole manufacturer in the global textile carding equipment industry, R & D and manufacturing of a full range of carding equipment, Jinlun has designed and developed more than 1,000 carding equipment and six technical services in the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" Center, revenue of 520 million yuan in 2017. The current industry put forward higher requirements for textile equipment, such as high wear-resistant, high-precision, maintenance-free, high environmental protection, high fitness spinning and so on. To this end, Jin Lun card cloth focus on product upgrades and brand strategy; efforts to build carding equipment industry ecosystem, developed to meet a variety of new fibers and new technology carding equipment, the establishment of the latitude and longitude gold wheel carding technology research center, Lu Thai Jinlun Carding Technology Research Center, Tung Wah Group of Gold Wheel Carding Technology Research Center and other research centers; embracing "Internet +", innovative marketing model, the development of O2O online procurement; actively promote the transformation and upgrading of technical services and carry out the whole process of service.


In 2017, China's economy will continue its development with steady growth and steady growth. The blueprint of the 19 major programs will make the world a more optimistic about China's future. How can China's economy achieve sustainable development and enhance its competitiveness? In the afternoon, 2017 China Textile Economic Development Forum sub-forum by the China Textile Machinery Association presided over by Wang Shutian. The company is located in:

Kong Guoguo, an economics professor at Fudan University, made a keynote speech on "China's New Economic Cycle and Corporate Strategy." He pointed out: Under a new era, China should find new impetus for economic growth. It is necessary to strengthen the manufacturing of high-end equipment, new materials and new technologies Development, that is, the development of large and small areas), entrepreneurs must be fully marketized, control the pace of investment, reserve knowledge and communicate more with their counterparts in the industry, but also have strategic importance. Forum also set up a dialogue session, chaired by the China Textile Machinery Association, presided over by Wang Shutian, Wuxi Yimian Textile Group Chairman Zhou Ye Jun, Donghua University, Textile Institute of Non-woven Engineering Department, Professor Jin Xiangyu, Shandong Huaxing Textile Group Chairman Hu Guangmin, Chinese yarn Chief Editor Wang Guo Gang and other guests to participate in the network, focusing on the current industry restructuring and upgrading of the hot issues were discussed, expectations can give the industry some reference and thinking.

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