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[Refresh the domestic 10,000-ton carbon fiber ]
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Refresh the domestic 10,000-ton carbon fiber project construction record!

At present, global trade and investment face many serious challenges. Certain Western countries engage in economic bullying, willfully suppress other countries' industries, set unwarranted limits on normal economic and trade cooperation, and force other countries to take sides, seriously undermining the foundation of international cooperation. At the same time, geopolitical conflicts, high inflation, poor industrial and supply chains and other factors are intertwined, the world economic recovery lacks momentum, the prospects are unclear, and the international community is increasingly worried.

We should further build consensus on cooperation and jointly promote opening-up and cooperation. Openness and inclusiveness are the trend of The Times, while seclusion and conservatism are a reversal of history. Openness and cooperation is a realistic requirement for the steady recovery of the world economy and the continuous progress of human society. The international community should firmly reject unilateralism and the Cold War mentality, insist on openness rather than isolation and cooperation rather than confrontation, create opportunities through opening-up, solve problems through cooperation, and achieve common development.

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