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[The growth of domestic demand has a lot of ]
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The growth of domestic demand has a lot of good news, and the external demand market remains grim

Textile industry overall pressure operation. Thanks to the recovery and rebound of domestic consumption growth, domestic sales in the industry achieved better growth, the scale of the remaining operating indicators were reduced year-on-year, the quality and efficiency of operation declined, and the market performance was lower than expected during the peak season, which failed to change the industry's low operation situation. From the monthly trend, from January to April, the decline in industry production, exports and benefit scale narrowed slightly compared with the first quarter, and the growth rate of domestic sales accelerated slightly, but the decline in investment continued to deepen compared with the first quarter. Since the second quarter, textile enterprises have generally feedback on the lack of orders in domestic and foreign markets, and in the context of loose supply, market competition has intensified, it is difficult to raise the price of finished products, and cash flow deterioration is more obvious. The characteristics of the current market off-season are significant, the product shipment speed has slowed down, the start-up load of loom in some areas has been slightly reduced, the inventory of cotton textile finished products has accelerated, and enterprises generally reduce future market expectations.

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