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[Polypropylene high strength filament properties]
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Polypropylene high strength filament properties: can be used for polypropylene (modified) printing and dyeing dyes. Because the molecular structure of polypropylene is composed of neatly arranged crystals, there are few polar bases and no - OH, - NH2, - CONH2, - COOH and other groups that can be combined with dye molecules. Large hydrophobicity, water absorption is only 0.1%. It is difficult to dye. Metal salts such as nickel stearate or organometallic complexes such as nickel bisphenol are added to polypropylene resin, or polymers such as polyethylpyridine and polyether ester are added.

Spun into polypropylene modified fiber, it is easier to dye. The metal-modified polypropylene dye has the characteristics of non-water-soluble disperse dye and can be chelated with metal. During dyeing, the dye molecules diffuse into the fiber, chelate with the metal atoms in the fiber and stick to the fiber. Polymer-modified polypropylene dyes have the ability to easily color these polymers. Polypropylene dyes are azo, triarylmethane, anthraquinone and heterocyclic etc.

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