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PP high-strength wire
  • polypropylene anti- split fiber and other fields, is an alternative to polyester, nylon, acetate, nylon ideal new fiber material.
  • Yun red polypropylene high-strength wire colored polypropylene high-strength wire ribbon with high-strength fiber wire fire anti-aging polypropylene high-strength wire

  • Description

    Polypropylene filament varieties (including non-textured filament and bulked textured filament), staple fibers, bristles, film split fibers, hollow fibers, shaped fibers, various composite fiber and non-woven fabric and so on. The main purpose is the production of carpets (including carpet backing and suede), upholstery, furniture fabrics, all kinds of ropes, bands, nets, suction linoleum, construction reinforcing materials, packaging materials and industrial fabrics, such as cloth, cloth bags and so on.

    Polypropylene high tenacity yarn of various colors range can also be customized according to customer requirements.

    Strength polypropylene Esther point: because of its high strength, light weight, shrinking small uniform, fire retardant, anti-aging, low thermal conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion and other characteristics of seawater, polypropylene high-strength wire with a small color, color fastness, strength advantages. Therefore, high-strength polypropylene yarn is widely used safety nets, safety belts, safety rope, industrial tape, industrial fabrics, ropes, container bags, crack engineering fiber, high-pressure fire hose, conveyor belts, industrial sewing thread, polypropylene anti- split fiber and other fields, is an alternative to polyester, nylon, acetate, nylon ideal new fiber material.

    Polypropylene high tenacity yarn woven geotextile, for highways, railways, airports, dikes, canals, reservoirs, harbors and bridges and other projects, with no need unnavigable, built cofferdam, dam drainage and playing speed, high efficiency, investment Good provinces, quality and other advantages. The use of high-strength polypropylene filament acid, corrosion resistance, high strength, non-absorbent, lightweight, good stability, good filtrate was stripped, etc., can be made of high strength polypropylene fabric, mainly used in metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical industry, light work, food, and environmental protection industries.


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